Clarity Marketing Support has helped a wide range of clients from scrappy start-ups to global giants.

Our approach blends best practices in marketing and sales with concepts from Agile development to energize the sales funnel and create a sustainable pipeline of opportunities.

Thousands of assignments, hundreds of clients.

For almost thirty years, we’ve helped clients create more of the right opportunities for their businesses. From family owned and closely held to publicly owned household names, our MAPS™ process has been implemented thousands of times for hundreds of companies.

Clients leverage our experience and proven approach to launch products, generate leads, get press, communicate with stakeholders and much more.

We have deep experience in the following industries including:

  • Technology
  • Software design, implementation, resellers
  • Telecom
  • Network, IT and managed services
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Business services
  • Education
  • Digital media and distribution
  • Insurance and financial
  • Health care systems and providers
  • Medical devices and systems
  • Industrial controls and manufacturing

We’ve helped insurance giants communicate with thousands of agents, hospitals change their names, electronics manufacturers create new demand and put life saving medicines in every doctor’s office in America. We’ve helped SMB’s Clarify™ their message, motivate customers and investors and build great companies.

Large and small, these companies share a common characteristic – they understand that marketing and sales work together to drive profitability.

Below are a select few of our clients past and present.

Paragon Manufacturing
Choctaw Nation
SELLect Sales Development
Texas Fifth Wall Roofing
Harley Davidson
GE Medical
Ministry Healthcare
Kimberly Clark
Target Productions
Consero Global
Hill Country Care Providers
Northwestern Mutual
Batzner Pest Management
Aurora Health Care
Buy Costumes
Quad Tech International
Abbott Laboratories
The Blood Center
Flanner and Buchanan