Change the trajectory of your business and create a road map to energize your sales funnel in one intense day of focused marketing strategy.


What would it mean for your business if you had answers to all of these questions?

  • What are the words and images that will accurately communicate our true value in under 10 seconds?
  • What is the most efficient way to get our message to potential customers?
  • What is our Quintessential Uniqueness? Our killer offering that nobody else can do?
  • Which activities should we be doing RIGHT NOW to improve deal flow?

Clarity Marketing Support’s unique MAPS™ One Day Marketing Transformation delivers specific creative and tactical recommendations to realign the critical factors that drive revenue and connect with customers.

Proven Process
With thousands of implementations for hundreds of clients, MAPS™ instantly changes how you see your business and directly produces actionable language, strategies and direction for B2B companies.

“Pete’s ability to cut to what really matters and keep the process focused on the buyer is remarkable. You can see he has a specific process that he’s done many, many times. This allows a very rapid way of working. In less than a day we ironed out our offering, message and on-line strategy. He goes from hard core consultant to creative on a dime. ” ~M. Epstein, Target City Productions

The One Day Marketing Transformation is not for the faint of heart.
In an intense, full day of guided strategy sessions, I’ll help you see what’s working, what’s not working and what will work with regard to your sales and marketing efforts. We’ll help you make better decisions, based on better information with MAPS™

Together, we will reach out to the market place to understand and exploit our competitors’ weaknesses. We’ll walk in the customer’s shoes to understand why they buy and what they want. Using the MAPS™ framework, we’ll pull all this information together quickly for analysis and come back with a clear path to achieve your goals and objectives.

The One Day MAPS™ Transformation starts at $0.
The process starts with a free, thirty minute conversation to determine if MAPS™ will work for you.  Contact Pete Monfre at 512-663-7393 or Click Here.

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“Literally in one meeting, Pete Monfre ironed out my entire offering and approach to generating new business. He has an uncanny ability to synthesize information and put together the missing pieces of my strategy in a way that is straightforward and usable. I feel like I am finally sending the right message to prospects and being heard.” ~ B. Benquet Unified Financial Organization