The Scalable Executive™

Clarity Marketing Support delivers marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost of a direct hire. We bring world-class strategy, creativity and execution expertise to growing companies.

More experience at a fraction of the cost of a direct hire.

If you own or are running a mid-sized enterprise, and are considering hiring a full time marketing director or CMO think twice and consider this:

An experienced director or C level marketing person will cost between $183K – $344K per year according to This doesn’t include recruiting fees or training.

The good news is that most middle market companies don’t need a full time marketing manager or CMO. It’s just not a full time job if they are worth their salt.

Median CMO salary

Do the Math: It’s less expensive.

According to, the U.S. National median base salary for a top Marketing Executive is $213,634.00. Add a benefits package and this cost soars to $344,466.00 per year. This doesn’t include the cost of bonuses or facilities. A Marketing Director earns over $183,000.00.

Most small and growing businesses are simply priced out of the market for good, proven talent.

Clarity is less than half the cost of a direct hire.

With Clarity’s Scalable Executive, you don’t pay for recruiting, training, facilities, equipment, software, social security, retirement, pensions, healthcare or benefits.

You pay a flat fee each month and we work just like a direct hire. On steroids.

Behind The Scalable Executive stands an army of specialists – graphic designers, web developers, video crews, social media analysts, et. al.  Our clients enjoy negotiated rates from Clarity’s deep well of talent.

More importantly, you add an objective, experienced voice to your team and an advisor with a track record you can trust.

Imagine a collaborative, seasoned confidant that understands the big picture and delivers true insight. A right hand man that identifies problems, devises plans to solve them and then does exactly that.

Scalability is our secret weapon.

You can leverage the Scalable Executive for as little as $1,000 per month. Let us customize a plan for your needs and budget. Whether you simply want on-demand advice or need to spin up an entire marketing department, Clarity Marketing Support brings proven, professional sales and marketing experience to your enterprise.

It starts with a conversation. We are always available to help determine the best way to solve your marketing problems – whether you work with us or not.

Contact us to see if the Scalable Executive™ will work for you.