marketing tips

What first impression are you making?

At the risk of sounding a bit judgmental,  (as businesses we are being judged constantly) but I feel a need to share some thoughts about a disturbing trend that threatens to destroy us all! Sorry, got carried away for a minute, but in the context of sending a message that[...]

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web site hurting your sales effort?

by Pete Monfre When many companies talk about marketing, they inevitably end up focusing myopically on their company web site.  Do a search in any search engine for “marketing” and the vast majority of topics will be on-line marketing. It’s as if the web has become the singular representation of [...]

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The Magic Marketing Bullet – revealed

For years now I’ve kept this highly guarded secret to myself because I didn’t want to let clients in on something that would surely render me useless to them. It’s not like I haven’t been asked a thousand times to reveal this secret – it comes up all the time[...]

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